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William E. Wallace




With over 25 years’ experience in organizational development & sustainability,

leadership development & coaching, employee engagement & retention,

organizational analysis, and quality assurance, Will Wallace has worked in multiple

sectors and industries including projects for Fortune 100 companies including

AT&T and Verizon. He has worked directly for companies including Disney,

Marriott International, MAXIMUS International on the New York State’s

Department of Health project, and DHL Express US, a Deustche Post Group


Will has also gained a well-rounded education in his field of passion, earning a Master of Science in

Organizational Learning and Leadership, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a

specialization in Organizational Leadership, from Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida; Will has also

worked on an Industrial Organizational Psychology Doctorate, which is temporarily on hold as he

completes a Labor and Employment Law degree from Tulane University Law School.

Will is a member of the Association for Talent Development, serving as the Rochester Chapter President,

a Board Member for the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources Rochester 

serving as Vice President of Community Relations and Academic Affairs, a

Diversity & Inclusion Council Member for Project Management Institute of Rochester, a founding co-leader

for DisruptHR Rochester, a member of the Society for Human Resource Management and the

Society of Industrial Organizational Psychology. He also sits on other boards and does volunteer work

in areas related to disadvantaged workforce readiness and prosperity projects, LGBTQ issues,

Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and homeless children advocacy.

Will now harnesses that experience and education to deliver Leadership and Inclusive Workplace

initiatives. He creates programs that promote a company culture where all employees and

customers are fully engaged and contribute to organizational sustainability. He teaches companies how

to foster an environment where human interest, moral and ethical values, and lasting relationships can

grow and prosper.

Will thrives on helping others and deeply understands that the ramp-up process is designed to

empower teams and outfit them with the tools they need to succeed. Will has supported various

clients in different industries to help them transform, grow, develop talent for the future state,

limit their turnover and put companies on a solid track to success and profit.

One area Will specializes in is long-term in-house leadership development requirements. Will has

helped numerous clients on more lengthier needs like culture change, training department

build-out, start-ups, large system implementations, employee engagement, etc.

Will is especially proud to be a co-developer and facilitator for Monroe Community College

Corporate College’s Certified Workplace Ready™ Certificate program. This 16-week intensive

training program equips entry-level employees with the tools and resources necessary to be

successful in today’s professional environment.

Through heart and passion, greater good can be created for all people at work and in life... 

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